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Deaf Witness is Christian Mission for the Deaf's news letter. It is printed on a quarterly basis and is available for free. The following is the latest newsletter. If you wish to receive the newsletters, send a request via email, or write to:

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Dear Prayer Partners:

Peter Ashade, trained at our Christian Centre for the deaf in Ibadan, Nigeria, has been shepherding the deaf in his Abeokuta church for almost ten years. Abeokuta of Ogun State is about 60 miles Southwest of Ibadan, Oyo State. Early this spring Peter has started another church in Ogun State, in the city of Ota, with two deaf Ota believers whom he had trained for five years. Twelve local deaf people came, and we are sure that more will join. Praise the Lord, and pray for this new church to get well-rooted for His glory.

Peter recently wrote about his two typewriters which have been repaired so often that they need to be replaced. That reminds me of our earlier years of work in Africa, how frustrating it was for us to use a very problematic typewriter, and our having to wait a long time for a replacement. Most missionaries still have to have patience with using various things needing repairs like cars, stoves, refrigerators, etc. Cars age so fast because of numerous bumps and potholes on the roads. Also during repairs good parts are sometimes stolen and replaced with those of lesser quality. As for home appliances, it is still often hard to find the needed parts.

So, Peter Ashade wrote that his wife Juliana has done a wonderful job of typing for their church, but since their two used typewriters have given up, she now has to take their handwritten drafts to a business office to type for them, which naturally costs money. They have been praying for two good replacements, they cannot afford to buy them in Nigeria: a manual typewriter for about 15 - 25,000 Naira (approx. $150 - $250), and an electric one for 25 - 40,000 Naira (approx. $250 - 400). Should you want to give a good used one which you no longer need, you may write us about it and we would give you shipping directions to us in Detroit. More typewriter donations would also be welcome as there are some of our churches and schools in need of one. Some of the Nigerians who live here in America plan to visit Nigeria this summer, so we would ask them about taking the typewriter along.

Yves Beosso, pastoring a deaf church in N'Djamena of Chad, requested a video projector, for showing Christian and educational videos to a large congregation. But when he learned that one costs about $5,000, he then said that he would be satisfied with a new or good used VCR, to hook up to his TV. If interested to donate one, please write to us for shipping directions to our office here.

Our colleague Mary Watson, has been waiting for the Lord to show His will regarding her going to work for one year with Missionary Vivienne Harland who has recently started a new Christian school for the deaf in Fiji. We have been excited to see how the Lord has blessed her: good reports from her doctors, funds needed for the trip, approval from her assembly's elders, a new laptop computer. Two hurdles remain: work permit from the Fijian government and a replacement for her in the office here. We are asking the Lord for someone who is fluent in reading and writing French for corresponding with our French-speaking colleagues in Africa, and who is able to sign to communicate with me. We are praying for the Lord's will about that; and she says, whatever His will, so be it. We also pray about the Lord's will regarding another teacher couple in Nigeria who is willing to go and work in that school in Fiji.

Some of you asked me about my health, thank you so much for your concern and your prayers. Our praises go to the Lord for my fifth anniversary after my heart attack and the ensuing 4-bypass surgery. I have been feeling my old self most of the time, although there sometimes have been heart irregularities (especially in the first two years), high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. These latter two usually happen when I'm not drinking enough water, not walking enough or when I'm eating some forbidden foods, and doing something stressful. I have a very long mental list of things and tasks to do; the list seems to never get shortened, and resisting workaholism is not easy. But I am trying.

We thank the Lord and the donor for additional copies of Microsoft Word 6.0 and Excel 4.0. So that all our four Macintosh computers would be easier to work at with the same software, we would welcome two more sets of Word 6.0 (or 6.0.1) and Excel 4.0. Also, we could use new motherboards to replace defective components in the Macintosh Performa 475 and Macintosh Power 6100/66.

Realizing that you may be still praying for a car to replace our troubled car, we would like to let you know: we thank the Lord for a good replacement early in April.

Thank you for remembering us and our work in your prayers. Please continue.

Gratefully yours,

Berta Foster,
Administrative Secretary
Christian Mission for the Deaf

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