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Dr. Andrew Foster
12 Reasons...
Social Aspect of Deafness
Roots from a Dry Ground

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Dr. Andrew Foster
Dr. Andrew Foster
On December 3, 1987, while in Rwanda, Dr. Foster was called home to be with the Lord.

Articles by Dr. Andrew Foster
The following are a collection of articles written by Dr. Andrew Foster, founder and general director of Christian Mission for the Deaf.

12 Scriptural Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned About The Lost Deaf
This piece examines the Biblical perspectives and attitudes about the Deaf.
The Social Aspect of Deafness -- School Years
Dr. Foster was the keynote speaker at the Seventh World Congress of the Deaf in Washington, DC, July 31st, 1975. This speech focuses on challenges faced by those who educate the Deaf: inadequate facilities, trained personnel, financing, communication and most importantly, Spiritual and moral training.
Roots Out Of A Dry Ground
Written by Dr. Foster in 1976, this article briefly describes the Spiritual and educational status of deaf Africans, his calling to the field, and his efforts thus far in evangelizing the deaf.

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